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Automate recurring projects, due dates, and team assignments with smart workflow management in Ops Calendar.

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Workflow Management Software

Nothing launches itself.

Execution requires process. And spreadsheets just won’t cut it.

Here’s the thing about content (or anything else you’re launching): It doesn’t just magically “get done”.

Sure, you can publish a blog post once in a while. But how about a full calendar of articles? Or a weekly podcast? Or monthly webinars? Plus all of those drafts, edits, social media posts, email newsletters... How do you stay on top of all that?

It requires careful management of your workflow. You and your team, executing every task in your checklists, the same way, week in, week out. But you know that.

The problem is things still fall through the cracks. Your spreadsheets are a mess. You’re constantly changing due dates, re-assigning tasks, and fixing things on the fly.

Then deadlines are missed. Subscribers are left hanging. Organic traffic suffers. And if you’re managing content for clients, well then you’ve got even bigger problems...

That’s why we built streamlined workflow management right into Ops Calendar. Get your content production in order and ditch those spreadsheets and generic project management tools. They’re not up to the task.

Ops Calendar is.

Checklist Templates

Re-Useable Checklist Templates

Consistency is key. Every post in your calendar has to follow the same process, each and every time.

Create Checklist Templates for you and your team to use and re-use. Create a checklist for articles, a checklist for podcasts, a checklist for videos, and whatever else you publish on a regular, recurring basis.

Need a ready-to-go process to follow? Use ours! Edit it, duplicated it, and make it your own.

See Checklist Templates in Action

Automate Deadlines

Automate Deadlines

Stop fumbling around with spreadsheets or re-setting due dates every time your content calendar shifts around.

In Ops Calendar, when you add a piece of content to your calendar, the due dates for its checklist are automatically calculated based on when you need this piece to publish.

Need to push your post back by a week? Your checklist deadlines are automatically re-calculated for you. Easy.

See Automatic Deadlines in Action

Automate Workflow Assignments

Automate Teammate Assignments

You’re working with a writer, an editor, a designer, a VA, a producer… Everyone is responsible for their part in your process.

Set the default teammate for each task in your Checklists so that they’re automatically assigned to work on your next post and every one after that.

When your teammates log in, they’ll see a personalized view showing them what they’re responsible for and when.

See Automatic Assignments in Action

Content Ideas

Capture Every Content Idea

Don’t let those ideas get away! When inspiration hits, or when your team suggests ideas for content, add them to your Ideas list.

When you’re ready, add your next idea to your calendar with one click.

Or automate it so that your ideas continuously get sent into production on a regular, recurring schedule. Boom!

Workflow Progress

Never wonder “what happened?”

Where are we at on this article draft? When did it go to editing? Did its permalink change? Who changed the title?

See a detailed history of all activity for every piece of content in your calendar. That gives you the peace of mind and visibility that you need to manage a your workflow and keep track of it all.

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