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Agency Management Software

Prove your value to clients.

Provide better visibility and value and keep more longterm retainers.

Your team has content marketing down to a science. But do your clients see all that goes into it? Can they justify their retainer with you?

If you’re just getting by with spreadsheets to manage your team’s work, eventually someone will drop the ball. A deliverable is missed. A comment isn’t addressed. An opportunity is squandered.

Most agency management software over-complicates your workflow. That’s because generic project management tools aren’t made for content marketing.

Ops Calendar is built specifically for managing your content marketing calendar and doing so at scale, alongside your team and your clients.

Checklist Templates

Productize your workflow

If you’re able to standardize your service, then you’re able to scale it, just like you would with a product.

The key to “productizing” your marketing service is to implement standard workflows and checklists for your team to execute in an efficient production line.

Ops Calendar’s unique streamlined workflow features, such as checklist templates, automated deadlines, and teammate status updates, make this possible.

Client Approval System

Get approval from stakeholders

When you’re producing content for clients, you need their approval at every step in the process.

Ops Calendar’s client-facing view enables you to show your clients their calendar and present pieces that are ready for their approval or feedback. Gather all of their notes and their sign-off so your team can keep the ball moving forward smoothly.

Plus, all of your internal communication (not for the client to see) stays private. You decide exactly what your clients can see, and when.

Content Marketing Metrics

Automate your reports

Stop the tedious work of compiling those monthly reports! No more data-entry from your analytics into docs and sending off to clients. You’ve got better ways to spend your time.

Ops Calendar completely automates those reports. Compile performance data for the recent batch of content. Show growth over time. Provide visibility into what’s coming up in the pipeline. All of this is automatically sent to your clients on the schedule of your choosing (or on-demand when you’re ready).

Of course, you can customize the branding and decide what to include in your reports. Approve them before they send and your own notes if you want.

Agency Editorial Calendars

Scale your service

Give every client their own unique calendar. Assign teammates across your client list. Switch between clients’ accounts in a snap.

With Agency View, you can see an overview of your entire client roster. See who’s working on what, which clients have deadlines coming up, and spot issues before they turn into fires.

This is agency management software built specifically for the needs of content and social media marketers.

Agency Management Software Made For Marketers.

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