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Content Analytics Software

How is your content performing?

Good question. It deserves a better answer.

Google Analytics has been the go-to software for just about every website owner—and for good reason!

But when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing, well, your analytics just don’t give you that info “out of the box”.

Your only option is to painstakingly dig up the traffic and conversion numbers for individual pages from your analytics software. Doing this once is a pain. Doing this for every new piece of content, week in, week out? Well that’s just not practical (or even possible).

There has to be a better way to get the Google Analytics data you need on a post-by-post basis, all gathered in one place, ready to compare and analyze. You need this visibility so you can make well-informed decisions for new content to develop.

Ops Calendar is your solution for viewing Google Analytics data for every post in your calendar.

Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics

Leverage your Google Analytics data that you’ve been gathering since the beginning and gain visibility that you’ve never had before.

Ops Calendar automatically pulls your Google Analytics traffic and conversion metrics—on a post-by-post basis— and displays them in simple, easy-to-digest views directly in your calendar.

No more manual digging through endless pages and options in Google Analytics to get the specific content analytics data you need. Now it’s all right there, in your calendar.

Content Traffic Analytics

Traffic Data for Every Post

When you’re viewing any individual post in Ops Calendar, you’ll see how many visitors saw it, how many people entered your site through it, and how its performance compares to your other content.

Content Analytics Funnel

Conversion Data for Every Post

Analyze how your content leads to conversions by leveraging Google Analytics Goals data in Ops Calendar.

See how many people viewed a particular piece of content and later converted. Compare all of your posts in your archive to see which ones drive the most conversions for your business.

Content Marketing Metrics

Automate Reports

Run on-demand reports with one click or have them automatically emailed to you (or your clients) on a weekly or monthly basis.

Finally, drop all of the painstaking work of preparing reports and focus on the things that matter: Creating smart, data-driven content strategies that drive results.

Content Analytics Made Easy.

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